4 thoughts on “the foolishness spreads

  1. Too late. They failed to manage perceptions when they had some credibility, so now the assumption is they are too incompetent/politically correct/bureaucratic/lazy/stupid/[insert pejorative here] to counter the enemy in the war of ideas.
    Vigilantes don’t bother when they have faith in the authorities.
    Some people are tired of the mall. They should have been mobilized and directed towards coordinated efforts. They waited, and waited, and watched, and got disgusted and mobilized themselves. Now they are loose cannons that can’t be commanded or controlled by Regulars. Those days are gone. If the Regulars want any influence they better start establishing some rapport. Lots of cantankerous cyber G-Chiefs who would have pissed all over themselves to cooperate 5 years ago have lost that good will.

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