From CIA to APT

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An accessible and informative work from the former long-serving Chief Security Officer of AT&T. Buy Now

The Cuckoo’s Egg

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How long has there been a cyber threat? Long before anyone knew there was such a thing a cyberspace. It reads like a spy thriller, but its the true story of how an unlikely scientist uncovered an effort by the then-KGB to hack into U.S. Government computers. Buy Now

Computer Crime

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A little more advanced but still accessible book about a wide range of malicious activity online. Slightly dated, but still a good resource for core issues. Buy Now

The Cyber Threat

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What do business leaders need to know about the cyber threat to their operations? The former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the founding Chief of Intelligence for the Joint Task Force – Computer Network Defense (predecessor to today’s Cyber Command) Bob Gourley lays it out for you. Buy Now

Cyber Adversary Characterization

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How do hackers think, and how can you use that information to better defend yourself? Get a better understanding of the malicious menagerie you’re going up against. Buy Now

Threat Modeling

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The first book on threat modeling by the people who pioneered its use at Microsoft. The authors are both seasoned and highly respected security experts. Buy Now

Threat Modeling: Designing for Security

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My description of threat modeling was highly simplified, and if you’re going to take this seriously, you should make an effort to hear from the guy who teaches people how to do it in their own organizations. Buy Now

Red Team

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Not specifically designed for cybersecurity, this is a great book if you really want to get deep into how bad guys think, and how that should impact your defensive strategy. Buy Now

Real Digital Forensics

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Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

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Incident Response and Computer Forensics

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