The Defense Department’s launch of approved collaboration tools has triggered rapid growth in networked interactions by its uniformed warfighters and civilian personnel, largely because of its unique approach of giving users a choice between two sets of commercially developed services, project officials said.


The collaborative tools represent DISA’s first attempt to provide a service that is built from commercial applications, as is the approach of offering two sets of side-by-side services developed and provided by separate vendors that compete for the loyalty of individual DOD users, DISA officials said.

The biggest benefit of DISA’s approach is that it removes the burden of creating, launching and managing the services from DOD and places it on the vendors, officials said. It also cuts DOD’s cost considerably because in contracting for the services, the department defined only the functions it needed, not the technical specifications of the services.

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  1. Glad to hear Dave Warner is keeping the faith! He was the J6 at U.S. Joint Forces Command when we began experimenting with “Sametime” a few years ago. Frankly, it made staff meetings tolerable (especially since we had folks in Norfolk and Suffolk who didn’t have to brave the “Midtown Tunnel” to meet F2F). Glad to see DISA offering it as part of the enterprise desktop!

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