I was in the Army, so if you think that’s disqualifier, you can hit your browser’s back button and move on.

This week the Air Force introduced their “newest team member” the Department of the Air Force CISO’s cybersecurity awareness mascot. “He is mighty, strong & here to fight our cyber problems away.” Soon to be a part of all cybersecurity awareness campaigns and on collateral, he doesn’t have a name yet, but you can submit your suggestion if you’re feeling creative. Bonus points if it highlights an apparent fascination with national socialism.

An original, compelling effort to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues is always welcome. It is not clear to me or anyone I’ve talked to – civilian or prior service – that infantilization is the way forward.

What makes this especially sad is that the Air Force has always been a leader when it comes to what the kids today are calling “cyber.” The 609th IW Squadron, AFIWC, the original CYBERWATCH…back in the day whatever the Air Force did, all the other services followed. The Air Force is arguably the most technically astute (and dependent) service so cybersecurity should be a priority. 

But here they are, 20+ years later, crowdsourcing names for chibis.

Come on blue suits, I know you can do better.