Clay Osborne, vice president of human resources and diversity at Bausch & Lomb, based in Rochester, N.Y., said the findings matched what his own company has discovered. Programs that work, he said, focus on the business advantages that come with diversity of thought, (emphasis mine) and that requires having people with diverse backgrounds.

perhaps more important, when you consider that the leadership of the intelligence community has placed such a fantastic emphasis on diversity:

. . .training is likely to be effective only in the context of an organization genuinely interested in cultural and structural change.

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  1. I don’t know how valid the old IC = Ivy League grads is any more or when that trend started to wane. I know I would be hard pressed to identify anyone who spent a lot of time in MA or CT during their undergraduate years.
    Reality as I know it: I’ve never noticed a predominance of any geo-, social-, edu- group in my tenure. For every person who went to a top state or upper-tier private school 3-4 went to Nowheresville U. or logged most of their credits via CLEPs and distance courses (back when that meant sending and receiving work by the USPS). I only knew one guy who was from real money, and one guy who at one point in his life was at the very far opposite end of the spectrum, otherwise the distribution was pretty even. I’ve worked with guys who were the first generation off the boat and guys whose lineage can be traced back to the boat that landed here in 1620. I’ve worked for more people in the “underrepresented” category than white men and I hated both equally when they made me count beans and I loved them all equally when they cut me loose to pursue my passion at the time.
    At the risk of beating a dead horse: I never worked with anyone who cared what anyone looked like or where they came from. The only thing that mattered was: could you do the job?
    It’s not that we couldn’t use more “people of color” in the IC, but it’s trivial to get a qualified guy named “Washington” on the board; its nigh on impossible to get a qualified guy named “Khan.” Given who we’re focusing our national power on, a serious “diversity” effort would throttle back efforts at HBCUs and start wooing guys like Shlok.

  2. “It’s not that white people all think the same, it’s that white men from the suburbs who went to Harvard will probably all think similarly, so maybe you should recruit at Howard U. and Dearborn High School.”
    I always thought that YALE was the issue with the community…lord knows that using New Haven as a hiring source has largely proven to be a failure!

  3. But THAT kind of diversity would be a counter-intel risk…
    I don’t see this diversity stuff as only affirmative action – I think it’s a way to make sure your bureaucracy isn’t recruiting the same people over and over. It’s not that white people all think the same, it’s that white men from the suburbs who went to Harvard will probably all think similarly, so maybe you should recruit at Howard U. and Dearborn High School.

  4. A dollar says 90% of the people who read ‘Dreaming 5GW’ are as white as the driven snow and uniformity of thought is not something that would immediately jump to mind reading the posts/comments.
    As applied by our Uncle (and his 50 nephews) “diversity” is just code for affirmative action. Look no further than the IC-CAE effort, which tdaxp could participate in only if he pulled a C. Thomas Howell. I’m all for hiring for more Georgians, but only if they’re from Tiblisi, not Atlanta; the former likely to have truly diverse thoughts, the latter much less so.

  5. Add in that most “diversity” policies are actually created in response to rent seeking by politically cohesive voting blocs and affiliated organization, and the results are even less surprising.

  6. Am I wrong to think that saying that diversity of thought can only be acheived with a “diverse” workforce is a tad racist?
    Arent the underlying assumptions to this idea:
    1). All white people think and react monolithically with no variance.
    2). All (insert group here) think alike or at least unlike white people, so thats OK.
    So CELEBRATE diversity!
    I am not sure how the idea came to be that diversity of background came to be determined soley on the color of your skin or which bathroom you use.

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