Haft of the Spear

Ruminating on issues related to the pointy end

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

My latest op-ed in SC Magazine: It is tough being in cybersecurity. Defense is a cost center, and it’s hard to find meaningful metrics to demonstrate success. Interest in security is also cyclical: Major breaches stir action, but as time passes, interest and resources wane, though the threat is still there. Yet the biggest problem […]

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“reputation system”

From the Enterprise Resilience Management Blog: Anyone who believes he knows of information relating to these proposed patents will be able to post this online and solicit comments from others. But this will suddenly make available reams of information, which could be from suspect sources, and so the program includes a ‘reputation system’ for ranking […]

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underrattelser – US style

Ralph Peters’ latest report on improvements in MI. Money graph: Appropriate technologies can help us – but no database or collection system is a substitute for seasoned human judgment. The key task in intelligence is understanding the enemy. Machines do many things, but they still don’t register flesh-and-blood relationships, self-sacrifice or fanaticism. Underrattelser: Improvement from […]

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