So Much for the Cloud?

Google on Tuesday said that some passwords for its G Suite customers were stored in an unhashed format since 2005.

“We are writing to inform you that due to legacy functionality that enabled customer Domain Admins to view passwords, some of your users’ passwords were stored in our encrypted systems in an unhashed format,” an email notice to G Suite administrators reads. “This primarily impacted system generated or admin generated passwords intended for one-time use.” (read more)

Yes, the cloud is “someone else’s computer,” but those someone elses are still a lot better at security than you are (no offense). The is not the problem some have made it out to be, but its also a signal to everyone that you can still be world class at this stuff and make mistakes. Pushing as much as you can to a reputable cloud provider is still one of the smarter moves you can make to help improve the security posture of your company.

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