Snooping Less Evil Than Previously Reported

members of a government board appointed to guard privacy and civil liberties
during the war on terror say they’re
impressed with the protections built into the Bush administration’s electronic eavesdropping

The Privacy
and Civil Liberties Oversight Board received a long-awaited briefing on the
secret program last week by senior members of the National Security Agency.

Two of the
five board members told The Associated Press on Monday they were impressed by
the safeguards the government has built into the NSA’s monitoring of phone
calls and computer transmissions and wished the administration could tell the
public more about them to ease distrust.

“If the
American public, especially civil libertarians like myself, could be more
informed about how careful the government is to protect our privacy while still
protecting us from attacks, we’d be more reassured,” said Lanny Davis, a
former Clinton White House lawyer.

that; the government is actually running a terrorist
surveillance program
and not a domestic spying operation against innocent
citizens just like it always said it was.

I love the
people who thought that this was some sort of COINTELPRO come back to haunt us.
If anything it showed the sheer ignorance of NSA; not the capabilities – the culture.
You would no more convince any collection of Meade-dwellers to “spy on
Americans” as you would get a flock of geese to perform calculus. Eighteen
people in the room when the program was put together; eighteen to the power of
goodness-knows-what for any nefarious aspects to leak to the workforce and
media. Hey, why let culture and get in the way of a good hype-ridden story?

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  1. Michael
    November 30, 2006 at 12:41 PM

    It looks like this all happened just a few weeks ago. Pity.

  2. November 29, 2006 at 10:13 PM

    Was this story held off until after the election?

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