Small Businesses Are Fearless in the Face of Security Threats

What, me worry? That’s the stance a shocking number of small business owners in the U.S. have taken toward cybersecurity, according to a new study from Paychex. In a survey of 341 business leaders conducted by Bredin. Most of the small business owners polled by the research firm, 68% in fact, were not concerned about getting hacked. And if by chance an attack was successful, 90% said they were at least somewhat confident they could recover. (Small Business Computing)

It is unclear what is more disturbing: the over-confidence of the ignorance. Even if a business doesn’t depend on IT to survive, there are still the issues of reputation impact, liability, the loss of trust, etc. Some of these factors are short-lived, but in a competitive environment, how long before partners and primes stop doing business with you because you leak like a sieve? The nature of your business, the type of data you process and posses, are irrelevant: that you have computers is enough of a reason to hack youIf you can’t be secure at least be compliant; its the least you can and should do to avoid the label “negligent.”

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