Reader and former colleague ST is skeptical:

3,600 is supposed to be some kind of revolution? Is that EVEN double digits percent-wise?

The 3,600 reference is derived from this story and the response overall aimed at an earlier post about Intellipedia.

Speculating on the size of the analytical workforce is dangerous for a number of reasons, but I suspect that just under 4K is a fairly substantial number of folks. To me the fact that they’ve got it at all is a positive sign, though in a world where nukes might slip into the hands of very bad people at any given moment I would have chosen another country to focus my NIE efforts on, but that’s just me. I consider anything that puts the maximum number of minds on a given problem to be a good thing, because I can remember a day not all that long ago when we couldn’t get someone from a CT shop to actually show up to the crafting of NIC-driven CT assessment.

After talking with a variety of folks on related developments I came away slightly disappointed in what the overall sense of support for these efforts by those at the top seemed to be, but if we can draw parallels to the outside, their personal proclivities may not mean a whole lot once they realize that the Genie can’t be put back into the bottle.

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