Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst Ronald Montaperto, convicted last year on espionage-related charges that involved passing secrets to China, is scheduled to get out of federal prison Sunday. Prosecutors say he will be barred from meeting any Chinese intelligence personnel as a condition of his release.

Montaperto claimed the passing of intelligence to China was unintentional and the result of being tricked by two Chinese officers.

Consider the difference between Montaperto and Franklin. Both were in essence doing something that happens all-too frequently – in essence ‘how things are done’ – but in Montaperto’s case he wasn’t doing it willingly, he was tricked, tricked by those inscrutables!

Certainly there are aspects to each case that we are unaware of that could force a re-assessment of the situation, but as it stands now, it is clear there is one “lobby” that has real pull in the national security apparatus, and it isn’t headquartered in Jerusalem.
P.S. – If the comparison with the Franklin sentence wasn’t enough, contrast the “time-out” that Montaperto got with the sentence of this poor bugger. The former gave away state secrets, the latter was just a greedy spammer direct-marketer. Have we no sense of priorities?

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