penny wise . . .

InsideDefense (subscription) notes a Defense Science Board right cross:

The Defense Department should — and
could — cut in half the time it takes to field major systems,
according to an influential group of senior advisers.

“Major systems are fielded with obsolete technology and
unnecessarily high cost,” the Defense Science Board says in a
just-released report on technology in the 21st century. “Delay
encourages ‘requirements creep,’ leading to further delay.
Opportunities to exploit disruptive and other technologies are

Moreover, the authors state, the Pentagon and the defense industry are
no longer “at the leading edge of most of the militarily relevant
technologies, having been displaced by international commercial
industries and markets.”

And follows through with a blow to the mid-section:

Remember the “Project on National Security Reform?” That’s the group of
national security experts that “set out last summer to reform what many
in Washington consider to be dysfunctional relationships among federal
agencies during major crises.” […]

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England
last December pledged to support the Project on National Security
Reform with $1 million in cash. The Pentagon also was expected to
provide an additional sum — sources talk of $2.5 million — to pay for
supporting studies by RAND, the Institute for Defense Analyses and
Science Applications International Corp., as well as the cooperation of
researchers at the National Defense University.

The group has not received any of those funds.

$3.5 million isn’t even a rounding error in the DOD budget, but they can’t manage to scrape even that pittance together to help them deal with the future. The Pentagon doesn’t accidentally prepare to fight the last war, they aim to.

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