Pay the Ransom #912

Be careful around companies that charge to recover a computer from a ransomware attack. A sting operation has uncovered evidence that one such ransomware recovery provider in the UK has simply been paying off the hackers to release the computers — and then charging clients to pay an inflated fee.

The provider, Red Mosquito Data Recovery, specializes in rescuing machines infected with ransomware and has earned rave reviews from thankful clients. The company’s website also claims it’ll offer customers “honest advice” on dealing with ransomware attacks.

Its OK to pay the ransom. Really, it is. Its NOT OK to tell people you’re doing something OTHER than paying the ransom, charging them an arm and a leg, and then paying the ransom, and pocketing the difference.

“But, paying only rewards and encourages the bad guys?”

The countermeasure to ransomware has been clearly and loudly been promulgated apace with the growth of ransomware: backups. Proper, validated backups stored off-line mean ransomware is not a business-ending event but an inconvenience (maybe not a cheap one, but still).

You have an IT guy/gal. If they know their stuff, they know how to implement a backup scheme (or how to outsource same). That is your first and best line of defense against ransomware.

Of you can listen to that security product sales guy who is most definately not going to pay a ransom if his blinky box fails.

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