New media and the surge

Kilcullen surges against the Guardian at SWJ (H/T Zenpundit):

Today’s Guardian article (“Military Chiefs Give US Six Months
to Win Iraq War
”) misrepresents the Baghdad advisers. So much so, it
makes me doubt the reliability of the single, unidentified source
responsible for much of the article’s reporting. […]

There is a real country called Iraq, where a real war is going on, with
real progress but very real challenges. We are not going to “win the
war” in six months — nor would anyone expect to. But the Guardian seems
to be describing some completely different, (possibly mythical)
country, and some imaginary group of harried and depressed advisers
bearing no resemblance to reality. As counterinsurgency professionals,
we take an evidence-based approach and we are well aware of the
extremely demanding task we face. That makes us cautious realists —
but we are far from pessimists, as the Guardian’s anonymous source
seems to imply.

Life is tough, it’s tougher when your sources suck and your targets don’t bother with the PAO.

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