Media Trumps Interrogations

“Captured” media that is. In case you wondered why so many of us VRWC-types are behind continued analysis of what we found in Iraq. You’re not down with water-boarding? Fine, then can you get behind an effort that avoids the issue completely? Hello?

The attacks Dhiren Barot was planning on London hotels and railway stations were meticulously researched to cause maximum death and destruction.

Woolwich Crown Court was shown Barot’s written notes from his reconnaissance exercises, reproduced on plasma screens around the courtroom. […]

As well as targets, police found detailed notes on “dirty bombs” at a house in West London. The series of deleted files were hidden like Russian dolls inside one another. One, called “Brad Pitt”, was hidden four levels down among deleted materials and was “devoted to the research of radiation”, Edmund Lawson, QC, for the prosecution , said.

There were other files hidden within that with names such as “Radioactive Children”. In that file police discovered a document entitled “Final Presentation” which again talked about dirty bombs. Mr Lawson said that the document was an explanation about RDD – radiation dispersal device.

Just in case you were not tracking. Barot – a “member or close associate” of al-Qaida – just got sentenced to life in a British prison.