In Good Company

Oh, to write so well:

JJA: The president had to be pounded by three leading members of
Congress to get him to order Negroponte to start posting the documents,
and as soon as the New York Times story came out, his former
chief of staff, Andy Card, was chanting “I told you so” to any
journalist who would listen. If the White House won’t ride herd on the
IC, it isn’t going to happen. The IC had sold the administration on the
theory — which I still think is false — that they had gotten the WMDs
story all wrong, and that Saddam really had nothing to do with
terrorism. Even the handful of documents that were posted had
many indications that there were indeed WMDs, including a very active
deception operation to prevent us from finding them, and some pretty
convincing evidence of ties to terrorist groups, including al Qaeda.
That was bad for them, and they were very happy to shut down the whole

ML: Yeah, that’s really the main point, isn’t it? They blanked the screen, it wasn’t just a question of the nuclear stuff.

JJA: Just so. Their whole post-invasion narrative was in danger of being discredited, and they couldn’t have that.

ML: And the Dems?

JJA: You think Alcee Hastings wants those documents public? Hahahahahaha……

Nice to know I’m not the only one hearing voices.

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