Female Intuition?

Two of the best books on warning were written by women. Anticipating Surprise, by Cynthia Grabo, is one of the best all-around texts on the subject. An equally stellar but more focused work was Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision, by Roberta Wohlstetter. Robert Zarate notes Mrs. Wohlstetter’s work and passing today in The Weekly Standard.

As a guy who spent some time doing strategic warning I am struck – looking back – that there were not more women on the job. Staffing watch desks? Sure, at the head of the system? Not so much. Curious . . .

PS: I would be remiss (even if the two hours I spent discussing and critiquing her approach didn’t merit a mention in the Acknowledgements ;-)) if I did not also mention Forecasting Terrorism by Sundi Khalsa. Very focused, technically oriented, and as far as I am aware, successful.

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