FBI HR Seeing the Light?

The FBI places cyber attacks among its top three priorities, said Mark Mershon, assistant director in charge of the New York City field office.

In fact, prevention is so important the crime-fighting agency will negotiate its normally strict employment standards for those with cyber backgrounds, he said. […]

As the FBI increases its efforts to fight cyber crime, recruitment is difficult, Mershon explained.

“Of all the recruiting challenges we have in the FBI, finding folks with the appropriate IT skills is daunting,” he said. “It’s an area we’re desperate for.”

What isn’t clear from this report is whether they are “desperate” enough to give up their fixation with starting new Special Agents at GS-10. Ramping up the steps within grade is fairly common for people with skills and experience beyond recent graduates, but a seasoned INFOSEC/COMPUSEC pro isn’t going to take a 50% or better pay cut to join Hoover and Co. unless he’s really, really jonesing to heed the call.

Just to beat a dead horse: give up the false fixation with “rank,” pay a competitive wage and the people you want will start queuing up (and the people that left in order to pay the mortgage will start looking at returning).

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