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I thought the odds were slim, but Robb being between jobs could prove to be a boon for a body (the IC) that could use some serious re-tooling (culled from a longer post – any confusion is my fault):

I am in the process of wrapping up a 1.5 year stint building a
global just-in-time/place manufacturing platform . . . The
cool part was that we were able to do it at a small fraction of the
cost/time typically necessary to accomplish such a thing . . . A
cool accomplishment is that the platform was built in a way that 1) aligns it
tightly with the business strategy/organizational design for maximum
efficiency (where marginal costs per new transaction are near zero), 2)
it’s able to capture new business opportunity or adapt to changing
circumstances in days and not months (flexibility to the rapidly
changing global business environment), and 3) it can withstand rapid
growth without much pain . . . One of the major reasons this was
possible is because the company used insight generated by strategic IT
to alter its business model and organizational development during
crucial early stages . . . It also points to a crucial new role in start-ups that I had the
luck to explore in depth: the Chief Platform Officer . . . The key is that if you
build it the right way, that outcome isn’t only potentially possible,
it’s inevitable.

The IC is far from a start-up, but since past attempts at redesign, reform and the like have failed so miserably it might be time to stop thinking of change as a re-model and start thinking about razing the thing and starting from scratch.

Of course in-fighting and lack of budget control has killed equally noble if more modest attempts to change and this would be no different unless real power (statutory authority and that of the purse) where placed in the right hands. Still, it is nice to dream.

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  1. January 20, 2007 at 4:37 PM

    Why stop at the IC? What if the status of that community is simply a symptom of a disease?

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