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The Lessons of PFC Manning

The tragedy here is not that we were undone by a shit-bird GI who didn’t have his head screwed on straight, it’s that we will ignore what he is teaching us.

“reputation system”

From the Enterprise Resilience Management Blog: Anyone who believes he knows of information relating to these proposed patents will be able to post this online and solicit comments from others. But this will suddenly make available reams of information, which…

All aboard the cluetrain express

As with any sufficiently radical effort (and believe me, this is practically magic to some on the inside) there is a marked difference between the public face and the reality in the cube.

The Q Prize

Funny what you think of in what passes for a traffic jam in these parts . . . Ruminating about John’s recent post about tinkering with technology  and the mention of the X-Prize and DARPA Grand Challenges . . .…

Mission First, People Always

Not going to repeat the now well-worn story of Walter Reed-related issues, merely wanted to take a minute to point out a trend and offer up a lesson. There was a time when, while serving on active duty, the Army…

On accountability

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, commanding general of the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, was relieved of command at 10 a.m. Thursday by Secretary of the Army Dr. Francis…

underrattelser – US style

Ralph Peters’ latest report on improvements in MI. Money graph: Appropriate technologies can help us – but no database or collection system is a substitute for seasoned human judgment. The key task in intelligence is understanding the enemy. Machines do…

With an eye towards reform

A nice briefing (Shift Happens) that has implications for many fields, including the IC and national security community. Business as usual isn’t cutting it now; it certainly isn’t going to work five years from now.