Category: National Security

Cyber Village People

There is no shortage of people with CNO skills; there is simply a shortage of people who are either clear-able or willing to be cleared.

Cyberpanic: It Sells

If you are the kind of person who isn’t going to buy bacon because of the swine flu scare, then you should definitely not read up on “the latest story on cyber threats to national security”: , at least not…

Stop Reading About Cyber Security

We’re about to spend billions of dollars on cyber security and I am willing to bet that despite the massive expenditure cyberspace will be no less a dangerous place once the last check is cashed. Why? When ostensible experts talk…

no hurry or anything

Authorized in ’06, pilot in ’08, FOC in ’12. Moving at the speed of government. What can red, white and blue do for you? Still, kudos for making the effort. Now, for the intelligence reserve.